Primavera Sound Porto returns to the City Park between 07 and 09 June 2024


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The Primavera Sound Porto festival, whose 10th edition ends today, returns to the City Park on 07, 08 and 09 June 2024, a venue that “will improve”, told Lusa the festival director.

In the edition that ends today, the enclosure increased in area, taking advantage of the works that the City Hall of Porto held in space, connecting the City Park to the sea, and the music lasted four days instead of the usual three, a way to celebrate the ten editions.

In 2024, Primavera Sound Porto will have three days again – June 07, 08 and 09 -, happening for the first time on a Sunday, taking advantage of the fact that in 2024 the holiday of June 10 will be on a Monday, revealed José Barreiro.

Besides occupying a larger space, which meant that there were more bathroom areas and bars and restaurants, which prevented the queues recorded in 2022 to be repeated this year, there were some changes in the location of the stages.

The festival director assumed that this “was not the ideal year to test these changes, because of the obvious reasons of the rains on Wednesday and Thursday.

The rain that fell in Porto on Wednesday and Thursday nights, which had Kendrick Lamar and Rosalía as headliners, caused flooded areas in front of the main stage, which made it difficult to circulate and stay in that space.

On Friday, the rain only began to fall after the headliners’ performances and today, until around 9:00 pm, not a drop fell from the sky, nor is it expected to.

For this reason, José Barreiro says that what we live and see today in the enclosure “shows that the bet [of the new ‘arrangement’ of the enclosure] is to maintain, obviously.

“What we did was not to take anything away from what the festival has given until today, but to add to it. And we added, above all, a fluidity of public in the enjoyment of the City Park, such as I’ve never seen in previous editions”, he pointed out.

José Barreiro reinforced that, with “all the routes created by this new implementation of the festival, there is much greater mobility, it allows for many more restrooms, bars, and food areas, which were precisely what had atrophied the 2022 edition.

“We know that not everything was perfect, we will make changes already for the 2024 edition,” he said.

As for the changes that will happen in 2024, José Barreiro rules out changing the location of the main stage, which until last year was in a kind of natural amphitheater and this year was placed in a flat area.

The changes he foresees will be in terms of “positioning of obstacles, mistakes, even typography”.

“These are things that happen when you do a layout for the first time, and that could have been corrected in a sunny edition with good weather. The rain only allowed us to attack puddles of water and mud to try to minimize the impact,” he commented.

“We are aware that it can improve, that it has to improve. And we are also aware that it will get better for sure in the next edition,” he said.

With dates already set for 2024, the organization is now “working on the poster”, but “nothing is closed yet”. The names of the artists will start to be divulged “in the next few months”.

This year, according to José Barreiro, passed through the enclosure of the Porto Primavera Sound about 38 thousand people on Wednesday, 38,500 on Thursday, between 30 and 32 thousand on Friday and today 35 thousand people are expected.

The headliners today are the British Blur, returning to the festival where they performed in 2013.

Among the artists performing today are also New Order, Julia Holter, Yves Tumor, Halsey and Nick León.

Headliners, venue and ambience take the audience to Primavera Sound Porto

Blur closes the 10th Primavera Sound festival in Porto today

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