PSD/Madeira leader says Socialist government has “fallen apart”


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The leader of the PSD/Madeira and president of the PSD/CDS-PP coalition regional executive, Miguel Albuquerque, said today that the government of the Republic has “fallen apart” and called for the mobilization of social-democratic militants in the early elections on March 10.

“Once again we are going to be called upon to elect our representatives and the only representatives of Madeira who can defend Madeira before the Republic, before the Portuguese State, are our own,” he said, and then added: “Have no doubt that only our deputies will put the defense of Madeirans first.”

Miguel Albuquerque was speaking at the Christmas dinner of the PSD’s regional structure, which took place at the Madeira Tecnopolo facilities in Funchal, with around 1,200 attendees, according to the organization.

“We all know that this absolute majority government of the Socialist Party has collapsed. It’s fallen apart, because they don’t know how to govern this country and they don’t have the competence to govern,” he said.

The Madeiran Social Democrat leader called on militants to mobilize for the early elections, indicating that the list of candidates for the Assembly of the Republic in coalition with the CDS-PP will be decided next week.

“We’re going to make an effort right after the kings, after the hangover, heal those glasses, and from the 16th [of January], we’ll start campaigning to win the elections,” he said.

The Madeira constituency elects six deputies to the Assembly of the Republic, and currently the regional representation is made up of three Social Democrats and three Socialists.

“We have to elect our men and women on March 10, because only they have the objective conditions, the competence, the strength and the courage to defend Madeira in all circumstances,” said Miguel Albuquerque.

The PSD/Madeira leader also criticized the regional PS, considering that “the socialist recipe is always the same: to bow down to Lisbon, to squat before Lisbon and obey the party leaderships there”.

“We are not second-class Portuguese, we are first-class Portuguese and we demand to be treated equally by the Portuguese state,” he said.

For Miguel Albuquerque, the choice in the early national elections on March 10 is “very clear” and consists of electing PSD MPs or a “bunch of submissives”, who, he said, “under no circumstances defend the interests of our land, our freedoms and our rights”.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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