PSD/Madeira’s political commission approves coalition with CDS-PP for regional elections


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The political committee of PSD/Madeira today approved the coalition between the social democrats and the CDS-PP for the next regional legislative elections, to be held this year in September or October, announced the secretary-general of the party in the region, José Prada.

The social-democrat leader defended, after the meeting, that Madeira “currently enjoys political stability in the government, in parliament and in most of the municipalities”, which “contrasts with the regrettable episodes and diversionary maneuvers” that one sees “in the socialist government of the Republic”.

“It is precisely in light of maintaining the stability that has been the rule in the region, and based on the positive experience of the last four years, that the political committee approved the PSD/CDS-PP coalition for the regional legislative elections to be held this year and the respective coalition agreement,” he said.

José Prada considered that both parties intensify, through this agreement, “the defense of the region’s best interests and the fight against a leftist party that is immersed in a deep identity crisis and has already proven that it has nothing to offer to Madeirans.

The PSD won the last regional legislative elections, in September 2019, but lost the absolute majority with which it governed the region, eventually forming a coalition executive with the CDS-PP.

The secretary-general of PSD/Madeira also stressed that political stability in the region “guarantees a better capacity to govern and, at the same time, to respond to and safeguard the interests of the population, as well as to transmit the necessary confidence to the economic agents.

On the other hand, he considered, the Government in the Republic “is seriously affected in its image, authority, and credibility,” after “yet another lamentable staging and political crisis.

José Prada was referring to the controversy involving the Minister of Infrastructure, João Galamba, and his former deputy Frederico Pinheiro, dismissed a week ago, about information to be provided to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the Political Tutelage of TAP’s Management.

The case involved accusations against Frederico Pinheiro for physical violence at the Ministry of Infrastructures and the theft of a laptop, after the deputy was dismissed, and the polemic increased when it was reported that the Intelligence and Security Service (SIS) intervened in the recovery of the computer.

Around 8:20 pm on Tuesday, the Minister of Infrastructure released a statement informing that “in the current framework of perception created in public opinion” he had submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister, “for the sake of the necessary institutional tranquility.

About half an hour later, the Prime Minister, António Costa, announced that he refused the request. After the announcement, the President of the Republic took issue with the prime minister.

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