PSP carries out anti-drug trafficking operation in Lisbon neighborhood and Sintra


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The PSP’s Lisbon Metropolitan Command is today carrying out an operation to combat drug trafficking, focusing mainly on the Quinta do Loureiro neighborhood in Lisbon and Sintra, involving members of a network arrested last year.

In a statement, the PSP said that a total of nine house search warrants were being carried out, with several police officers on the ground in the criminal investigation and public order departments.

This operation, according to the PSP, targets a drug trafficking network that was the target of a police intervention last year, when 20 members of this group were arrested, four of whom were remanded in custody.

The PSP says that the members who didn’t receive this measure of coercion “are back in business and it is on them that today’s police intervention falls”.

“Bairro Quinta do Loureiro, the successor to Casal Ventoso, is a sensitive urban area where drug trafficking is well rooted and where the PSP frequently carries out anti-drug trafficking actions,” the statement said.

The PSP reports that in the last two years, in the two areas of Greater Lisbon covered by this operation, 154 people have been arrested, with 41 in pre-trial detention, and eight kilos of cocaine, 1.2 kilos of heroin and 12 kilos of hashish have been seized.

Hervé Hubert
Hervé Hubert
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