PSP will continue to cooperate with SEF in airport control until the end of the year


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The PSP agents who reinforced Portuguese airports during the summer months will continue to support the SEF in passenger control until the end of the year, said the Minister of Internal Administration, José Luís Carneiro.

“We took the decision to extend this institutional cooperation between PSP and SEF until December 31 and then, if deemed necessary, it may be extended during the month of January,” said José Luís Carneiro, in Lisbon, during the presentation of the results of the contingency plan that was in force at air border crossings at national airports between June and September. The Secretary of State for Civil Protection, Patrícia Gaspar, was also at the press conference.

The Minister also said that this institutional cooperation “is a proven goal” and that this extension, until December 31, “means that we are preparing for the summer of 2023 and to cope with the possible increase in passengers at airports during the Christmas period. The 168 agents will not always be at border control, and the PSP will adjust the device to the effective needs of the existing flow at airports.

“The demand at airports occurs between 05:00 and 15:00. After 15:00 there is a very significant drop in demand at airports, which means that it makes no sense from the point of view of good management of human resources to have these PSP officers at the airport after 15:00. PSP agents continue to work in the airport perimeter, but in public order and security and not airport security, “he said.

Recall that the SEF contingency plan for Portuguese airports during the summer months included a number of measures, including the reinforcement of 168 Public Security Police officers, who were trained to assist the SEF in air border control.

Waiting time at Lisbon airport went down by one hour, between May and September

The results of the contingency plan also indicate that the maximum waiting time at Lisbon airport fell by one hour between May and September, from one hour and 50 minutes to 50 minutes.

The national director of the SEF, Fernando Silva, said this result is “in line with the best results recorded in Europe”.

In all, between June and September, SEF checked 7.2 million passengers in arrivals and departures, most of them from the UK, Portugal, Brazil and Ireland. During these four months, 610 people were prevented from entering the country, 158 were detained at border crossings, most of them for using false documentation or without entry visas, and 211 requests for asylum were made, numbers that have increased compared to previous years.

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