Ragnar Kjartansson’s exhibition in Coimbra with special closing program


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The exhibition “don’t suffer anymore”, by the Icelandic Ragnar Kjartansson, in Coimbra, will be open for more than 24 hours uninterruptedly, between Saturday and Sunday, in a special program for its closing, with concerts, visits and performances.

A concert by Kristín Anna, Icelandic multi-instrumentalist who is one of the protagonists of Ragnar Kjartansson’s play “The Visitors”, present in the exhibition, a performance by António Olaio with the participation of guitarist Victor Torpedo, and a previously unseen video performance by musician David Fonseca, entitled “I guess I’ll try again to sorrow” (a reference to the songs “Borrow”, by Silence 4, and “Sorrow”, by The National, who play that song for six hours for an installation by the Icelandic artist) are some of the proposals to celebrate the end of the “don’t suffer anymore” exhibition, which is being held at the Santa Clara-a-Nova Monastery in Coimbra.

According to the organization’s press release sent to Lusa news agency, the monastery’s doors will be open uninterruptedly from 11:00 AM on Saturday to 9:02 PM on Sunday, the day the exhibition dedicated to Ragnar Kjartansson, which opened in April, closes.

The exhibition, the Icelandic artist’s first in Portugal, is organized by Anozero, at the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Nova, a space that is the epicenter of Coimbra’s contemporary art biennial, which will have a new edition in 2024.

In addition to the concerts and a “monumental sardine party” at the start of Saturday night, “music and performances continue through the night and into the early morning hours, with Volúpia and various guests”.

The Anozero biennial highlights the concert by Kristín Anna, one of the performers of “The Visitors,” “one of Kjartansson’s most emblematic pieces and considered by [English newspaper] The Guardian as the best piece of contemporary art of the 21st century.”

On Sunday, there will be a last guided tour and sunset will close the concert’s farewell party, the organization said.

The exhibition and visit to the monastery are free, but access to the garden where the performances and concerts will take place costs five euros, he said.

According to the organization, the exhibition, which is part of the ‘soloshow’ program that takes place in the years when the biennial is not being held, has so far received about ten thousand visitors.

The biennial began in 2015 and is jointly organized by the Coimbra Circle of Plastic Arts, the University of Coimbra and the City Council.

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