Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Black Keys featured today at Alive festival in Oeiras


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The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Black Keys are the highlights of today’s Alive festival, which runs until Saturday at the Passeio Marítimo de Algés in Oeiras, and whose lineup includes more than a hundred artists.

In this year’s edition, the 15th, there will be no major changes to the venue, aiming, according to promoter Álvaro Covões, to “try to keep the main services in the same locations,” so that the usual festival-goers know where each space is.

Thus, the performances will once again be divided among the seven stages spread throughout the venue, including a bandstand, dedicated to national music, and a stage where only comedians will perform.

With a practically sold out capacity – there are only tickets available for Saturday – the highlight of the first day will be the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Black Keys, who will perform on the main stage, where Puscifer and The Driver Era will also perform.

Jacob Collier, Men I Trust, Spoon, Ibibio Sound Machine, Nídia, Throes + The Shine, Man in Catharsis, Club Makumba, Ana Lua Caiano, and Beatriz Felício are among the artists and bands that will provide music to the thousands of expected spectators.

The organization counts on “165 thousand people” in the three days of the festival, 55 thousand per day, because “there are only tickets for Saturday, but they are almost sold out”, said Álvaro Covões on Wednesday, during a visit to the enclosure.

The big news this year is the collection of organic garbage for composting, following the program that the Oeiras City Hall is already starting at the household level.

In addition, the bandstand is located in a “much larger area, with more terraces,” facing the river, and there is again an area for pregnant women.

Because of the festival, the Oeiras City Hall has announced traffic restrictions, between today and Saturday, on the access roads to and around the Algés Promenade.

During all days of the festival, between 11:30 pm and 5:00 am the next morning, the circulation on the CRIL/IC17 is interrupted, on the descending lane, between Miraflores junction and the traffic circle next to Avenida Brasília.

From Thursday to Saturday, starting at 3:00 pm, “road traffic constrictions” are also expected on Avenida Brasília and Avenida Marginal, between Algés and Alto da Boa Viagem, the CRIL/IC17 overpass, in Algés, and Praça D. Manuel I.

As an alternative, the Oeiras Council suggests that it is “privileged to use the A5, N117/Belém and N6-3 Alto da Boa Viagem.

The NOS Alive organization recommends that the public “look at the calendar and get organized.” “Come early because it’s worth it,” challenged Álvaro Covões.

Concert schedules, as well as other information about the festival, are available ‘online’ at

Alive Festival almost sold out with “great concerts” and more sustainability

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