Regulator approves maintenance of electricity prices from July 1


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ERSE – the Energy Services Regulatory Authority – has approved the maintenance of electricity prices for the regulated market from July 1, according to a press release issued today.

Thus, it notes, “for domestic consumers who remain on the regulated market (969,000 customers who accounted for 6.7% of total consumption in April) or who, being on the free market, have opted for an equivalent tariff, sales tariffs to end customers in normal low voltage (BTN) undergo no change” in July, compared with this month.

According to ERSE, “compared to the average price in 2022, consumers will see a 1.0% increase in the final sales price in 2023”, indicating that “this increase is lower than the previously announced increase for this year of 3.3%, due to the decrease that end-customer sales tariffs saw in April 2023”.

According to ERSE, prices for a childless couple (power 3.45 kVA [kilovoltamperes], consumption 1900 kWh/year [kilowatt-hours]) will therefore remain at 36.62 euros, and for a couple with two children (power 6.9 kVA, consumption 5000 kWh/year) at 92.43 euros.

Consumers on the social tariff “continue to benefit from a 33.8% reduction on end-user tariffs, as established by order of the government member responsible for energy”.

The regulator also indicated that, for the Autonomous Region of the Azores, BTN customers will see a price cut of 1.9% and, in Madeira, the price will fall by 2.2%.

ERSE, which had already disclosed the proposal on April 28, said that “this exceptional tariff setting is aimed at adapting the energy tariff and network access tariffs to current market conditions”, arising in particular “from the updated Cost of General Economic Interest (CIEG) associated with electricity generation, and whose benefit for network access tariffs will be lower than the initial estimate” for this year.

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