Saldo da dívida direta aumenta 4,71% em dezembro para 286.989 ME


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The State’s direct debt balance increased 4.71% in December compared to November, to 286.989 million euros, the IGCP – Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency – indicated today.
Accordingto IGCP’s monthly bulletin, this variation resulted “mainly from the increase in the balance of CEDIC [Special Certificates of Short-term Debt], by 13,587 million euros”, as well as the balance of Saving Certificates (CA) “with an increase of 1,916 million euros, partially offset by the reduction of the balance of CT [Treasury Certificates] by 311 million euros.”

“The disbursement of a tranche of the European Union loan to Portugal under the SURE instrument, amounting to 300 million euros, also contributed to the increase in the stock of debt,” says the same information.

In contrast, the balance of Treasury Bonds (OT) fell by 1.4 billion euros, with the repurchases of 250 million euros of OT 4.95% on 25Oct2023 and 1.15 billion euros of OT 5.65% on 15Feb2024.

According to the IGCP, the balance of Variable Income Treasury Bonds (OTRV) also fell by 1.3 billion euros, “due to the redemption of OTRV 05DEZ2022”.

The institution presided over by Miguel Martín also adds that the counterpart of margin accounts received in the scope of financial derivatives registered a decrease of 32 million euros.

“Additionally, the debt stock decreased by 80 million euros, due to the effect of exchange rate fluctuations of debt instruments denominated in non-euro currencies, valued at the exchange rate of the last day of December,” the same information states.

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