Strike for final evaluations with minimum services but only for 12th grade


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The Court of Arbitration decreed minimum services for the strike of final assessments, called by the Union of All Education Professionals (Stop), but only for the assessments of the 12th year.

The decision, published on Tuesday, refers to a strike to all procedures related to students’ final evaluations, including meetings, between June 5 and June 9, called by Stop.

The arbitral college decided, by majority vote, to set minimum services for final evaluations, but only for the 12th grade, leaving out the final evaluations of the 9th, 10th and 11th grades.

In the ruling published on the website of the Directorate General of Public Administration and Employment, the arbitrators justify their decision by arguing that the stoppage has different effects depending on the year of schooling.

In the case of the 12th grade, they believe that “the holding of final exams and the application to higher education” is at stake, while for the remaining years “it is not expected that the exercise of the right to strike will jeopardize the final evaluations mentioned” that “can always be held in a period subsequent to the time of the strike period under analysis.

Thus, during the five days of the strike, schools must ensure, for the 12th grade evaluations, the “availability to the class councils of the evaluation proposals resulting from the systematization, weighting and judgment on the evaluation elements of each year”, as well as “the holding by the class councils of the final internal evaluation meetings”.

Meanwhile, the platform of nine union organizations, which includes the national federations of Education and Teachers, announced today that they will strike national exams and final assessments.

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