Student from Portugal missing in Israel discovered dead


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Rotem Neumann was present at the rave that Hamas terrorists attacked early Saturday morning.

According to the Associated Press (AP), a naturalized Portuguese student of 25 years old who was reported missing after the Hamas attack on Israel last Saturday has been discovered dead.

Rotem Neumann, who became a Portuguese citizen under the Nationality Law enacted for Sephardic Jews, was among the hundreds of young people slaughtered as they attempted to escape a rave as Hamas terrorists stormed it.

AP reports that her death was verified yesterday by her cousin, Tomer Neumann.

What appears to have happened is that Rotem managed to get away from the festival in a vehicle with companions, but this was later ambushed by Hamas militants. Rotem sent a text message to a friend, detailing their location, informing them that the youths had successfully escaped. However, the militants pursued them and attacked the location where they sought refuge (a kibbutz named Re’im), leaving “several bodies” where they fell. The account suggests that Rotem’s body was most likely discovered on the kibbutz, although the precise location remains unclear.

Student from Portugal missing in Israel discovered dead

Israel has already begun to respond to the atrocities committed by Hamas during Operation al-Aqsa Storm. Naturally, concerns are mounting for the hundreds of Israeli citizens ‘held hostage’ in Gaza. Hamas has threatened to live-stream their executions if Israel continues to attack Gaza, which is currently occurring.

As this awful period of history progresses, the number of naturalized Portuguese citizens requesting evacuation from Israel increases. A second repatriation flight is being organized, ostensibly to depart Tel Aviv tomorrow evening, despite Helena Carreiras’s refusal to discuss specific numbers. The first flight is scheduled to land in Lisbon as we write this.

In the meantime, authorities in Portugal are’reinforcing security’ around the synagogues of Lisbon and Porto, as well as the Israeli embassy.

Matilde Montes, a Portuguese national who had lived in Israel for a year, arrived at the Lisbon airport on a scheduled flight yesterday, claiming she had “left everything behind”

During her year in Israel, she stated, “We have to enter bunkers frequently, but this time was different (…) I want to return (…) I left everything behind.” I carried only one bag with me”. People waiting for planes at the airport on Sunday/Monday were told to “leave your bags and run” as the airport itself was being targeted by Hamas’ missiles, consistent with her account and video clips uploaded to social media.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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