Support for rent payments has reached almost 237,000 families and the average amount is 113 euros


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The average value of the extraordinary rent support (PAER) is around 113 euros, and the measure has so far reached 236,862 families, according to data released today by the Housing and Urban Rehabilitation Institute (IHRU).

This support for paying the rent is part of the range of housing measures and is granted automatically to families with incomes up to the 6th IRS bracket (around 38,600 euros per year) and with a rent effort rate of more than 35%.

According to the figures released today, 258,661 people have so far received this support, out of a total of 236,862 families. There are thus more than 50,000 families who have now joined the 185,000 or so who began receiving this support in the middle of last year – the payment of which was backdated to January 2023.

Part of this increase is due to the fact that a few thousand families didn’t initially start receiving support because they hadn’t indicated their IBAN or because they had effort rates with their rent of more than 100%, which meant that these situations had to be checked.

This support, which has a maximum monthly value of 200 euros, is granted until December 31, 2028, although it is subject to annual verification – so that the effort rate can be gauged and the tenant continues to meet the requirements in terms of income, for example.

For 2024, and as a way of mitigating the impact of the 6.94% increase in rents, the government has approved a measure that automatically updates the extraordinary support, adding 4.94% to the monthly rent, with this increase being granted even if it means exceeding the current maximum amount of support (which is 200 euros).

In practical terms, and according to a simulation sent to Lusa by the Ministry of Housing when the measure was approved, this means that a person with a salary of 1,600 euros a month who has seen their rent increase from 800 euros in 2023 to 855.50 euros as of this month, will receive additional support of 39.50 euros – on top of the 200 they were already receiving.

In other words, of the annual increase of almost 667 euros with the rent, 474 euros (around 71% of the increase) will be borne by the increased support.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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