The Infraestruturas de Portugal unions are demanding a minimum mid-term increase of 37 euros.


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The unions representing workers at Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) have submitted a joint wage counter-proposal, demanding a minimum interim increase of 37 euros, according to a Fectrans press release.

According to a note issued by the Federation of Transport and Communications Workers (Fectrans), “the trade union organizations, after analyzing the proposal for a provisional wage increase presented by the IP administration, have decided to present a joint counter-proposal”, deeming it “insufficient”.

The unions stated that IP had made this proposal, saying that if the unions did not accept it, it would proceed with an “act of management”. They were then received by the company’s Chairman, who said he would try, with the Ministry of Finance, “to modify the initial proposal” and gave them until June 16 to do so.

The organizations recalled the interim increase negotiated by CP, of around 50 euros, stating that “it is not understandable that CP negotiates and IP imposes”.

In the counter-proposal, which was sent to IP’s administration with the knowledge of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Fectrans stated that “this interim imposition is not useful” because “it does not guarantee the repositioning of the purchasing power of the majority of IP workers”, recalling other agreements in the SOE sector.

The unions are therefore calling for a minimum mid-term increase of 37 euros, retroactive to January, and a minimum company pay of 823 euros, also retroactive to the beginning of the year.

The counter-proposal also provides for an increase in the value of the meal allowance to 9.60 euros and in the value of the daily allowance.

The unions also want “to start revising the career regulations contained in the current CLA, as well as the general clauses, by the end of June”.

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