The new Super Bock Sky is the subject of a “fallen from the sky” campaign.


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Signed by agency O Escritório, the campaign features TV, outdoor and digital media. Media planning is the responsibility of Initiative, and digital activation of Live Content.

The new Super Bock Sky – a softer, lower-calorie, lower-alcohol beer that has just arrived on the national market – is promoted in a multimedia campaign that refers to a “softer universe, where balance and relaxation reign”.

The claim “Falling from the sky” is justified by the fact that Super Bock Sky is the first beer in Portugal to meet a “growing need among consumers who are looking for a balanced lifestyle, without giving up the pleasure of an excellent beer”, writes the brand in a press release.

This new beer “has been thought through in detail to bring an innovative offer to the world of beer. It’s a unique beer with an unctuous profile, in response to a specific consumer desire and in an offering that didn’t exist in Portugal”, explains Bruno Albuquerque, marketing director for beers and sponsorships at the Super Bock group, quoted in a release.

The new Super Bock Sky is the subject of a "fallen from the sky" campaign.

“Its uniqueness had to be expressed in the launch campaign, whose concept starts precisely from the idea that, wherever you are, Super Bock Sky is the ideal company for moments of relaxation, for those who appreciate a more active and balanced lifestyle, but without giving up pleasure”, added the marketing director.

Signed by the O Escritório agency, the campaign is present on TV, OOH and digital media. Media planning is the responsibility of Initiative, while digital activation is handled by Live Content.

Super Bock Sky will also be present at several of the country’s festivals, including Primavera Sound, Super Bock Super Rock, Vodafone Paredes de Coura and Meo Sudoeste.

The new wheat beer – Crystal Wheat Beer – has been “developed from scratch, through an innovative and challenging process, in which all the Super Bock Group’s brewing expertise has been applied, following ongoing research into consumer trends and needs in Portugal”, the brand adds in a press release.


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