Top newspaper headlines on Monday, 24 July


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The election results in neighbouring S+ain feature on many front pages of the Portuguese newspapers this Monday.

Correio da manhã:

– “Évora Court of Appeal. Wife prefers husband in jail”

– “Family wants Félix at Benfica”

– “State coasts on savings and pays more to investments”

– “Feijóo’s PP with more votes [in Spain]. Right wins without a majority”

– “Armando Pereira. Scheme gives 32 million to millionaire”

– Penela crime. Lover says he had her killed to save children”


– “Social Security will be barred from choosing courts to claim debts”

– “Elections in Spain – Feijóo’s PP wins, but fails to reach majority with Vox”

– “Sánchez resists, PSOE even exceeds expectations”

– “Results make ungovernability likely”

– “Songs of the World – Silvana Estrada sent the sadness away”

– “Report – The limbo of waiting at the airport SEF centre”

– “Tour de France – Vingegaard won for the second time and is already thinking about the tri”

– “Access to higher education – Places start today with several changes”

Jornal de Notícias:

– “There are more than 200 applications per year for new master’s degrees”

– “Drug trafficking and consumption is open in the Sé neighbourhood”

– “Feijóo wins but does not reach the absolute majority, not even with the extreme right”

– “Heat – Sales of air conditioning and fans soar with high temperatures”

– “Penafiel – Ukrainian woman beaten for thinking she was Russian”

– “Tax authorities correct tables and charge less to parents with disabled children”

– “Legislation – Promulgation with criticism became the norm with Marcelo”

– “Porto – Kennels with no more capacity bet on donation campaigns”

– “Interview: ‘We want to win everything and we’re not afraid of anyone’ – Toni Martinez [FC Porto]”

– “World Cup – Netherlands win (1-0) in the debut of the Navigators”

– “Cycling – Vingegaard honoured in Paris with second Tour triumph”

Diário de Notícias:

– “Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro: ‘At WYD we will have more police, not more armed'”

– “Elections in Spain – Feijóo won. Will he govern?”

– “Projects – From clerk to artist: Zélia, scissor hands”

– “Kimberly Kivvaq Pikok – The Eskimo that Glex brought to the Azores to tell about the thaw in Alaska”

– “Parliamentary Bench – Opinion of Inês Sousa Real and Rui Tavares”

– “PSD – Montenegro in Chão de Lagoa: Poncha, ‘selfies’ and attacks on Costa”

– “Discounts – Tax authorities correct income tax tables and give net wage gain to parents with disabled children”


– “Conversa Capital – Pedro Ferrão Tavares [Secretary of State for Justice]: Goal is to have debt collection ‘in 22 months'”

– “Investment fell three times more than the euro average compared to pre-Covid”

– “Private investor – Art also serves to embellish wealth”

– “Nuri closes without warning with debts of 12 million and 108 unemployed”

– “Stock market – Europe beats US in bitcoin-exposed funds”

– “Savings – Despite cut, certificates still attract families”

– “Labour – Massive regularisation of precarious workers has created ‘confusion'”

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