Total cost of works on Metro do Porto’s Yellow and Pink lines rises to 511 ME


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The total cost of the expansion works of the Yellow line and the new Pink line of the Porto Metro has risen by about 20 million euros to 511 million, according to a resolution of the Council of Ministers published today.

According to the resolution published today, after approval by the Council of Ministers on June 29, the total cost of the Metro do Porto network expansion projects went from the 407 million euros foreseen in 2020 to 511 million.

Today’s increase follows the recognition by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action on March 6 that the cost of works on the Pink and Yellow lines of Metro do Porto increased by 29% and 30% respectively, about 84 million euros in total, according to Lusa calculations.

Thus, to the total ‘cake’ of 407 million euros approved in 2020, which includes expropriations, projects, supervision, equipment and operating support systems, 84 million were added for the works, making up about 491 million euros.

However, with the resolution known today, the Government approved additional expenditure of around 20 million euros for the projects, reaching 511 million euros in the new total ‘cake’ of this phase of expansion of Metro do Porto.

“The exceptional situation in supply chains and the circumstances resulting from the covid-19 pandemic, the global energy crisis and the effects resulting from the war in Ukraine have caused sharp increases in the prices of raw materials, materials and labor, with particular emphasis on the construction sector, which has had serious impacts on the economy, generating sudden and unpredictable price growth”, argues the Government.

Of the 511 million approved, 103.3 million will come from the State Budget, can also be read in the resolution of the Council of Ministers signed by the Minister of the Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva.

The expansion of Metro do Porto’s Yellow Line comprises a contract between Santo Ovídio and Vila d’Este, including the Manuel Leão and Hospital Santos Silva stations, as well as tunnels, a viaduct and a Material and Workshop Park (PMO).

The Pink Line, on the other hand, will have a fully underground route between São Bento and Casa da Música, including the intermediate stations of Hospital Santo António and Galiza, as well as a branch connecting to the common trunk.

Works on the Yellow Line are scheduled for the end of 2023 and those on the Pink Line for the end of 2024.

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