“Transformação” exhibition at Loulé Criativo until 28 October, showcasing 8 textile artists


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the artistic realm of Loulé Criativo will play host to “Transformação,” a curated exhibition that illuminates the intricate and expressive world of textile art. Curated by Vasco Águas, this exhibition brings together the works of eight talented textile artists: Ana Rita de Albuquerque, Filipa Won, Graça Paz, Guida Fonseca, Maria Pratas, Rita Teles Garcia, Rita Sevilha, and Vasco Águas himself.

A Deep Dive into Transformation


The term “Transformação,” Portuguese for transformation, speaks to a gradual alteration or evolution of a state or condition. The exhibit is inspired by the works and philosophy of Anni Albers, who eloquently described weaving as a craft that spans both utility and art. The title of the exhibition captures the essence of the creative process — a transformative journey that leverages various techniques, materials, and forms to produce works of self-expression.

"Transformação" exhibition at Loulé Criativo until 28 October, showcasing 8 textile artists

“We, as artistic individuals, firmly believe that the concept of transformation [transformação] plays a critical role in our creative process,” the artists said in a joint statement. “Our quest to discover the vast and intricate world of textiles has convinced us that they are the most constructive means of self-expression.”

Showcasing the Spectrum of Textile Art

The group exhibition “Transformação” aims to explore the diverse universe of textiles in all its glory. The artworks vary in technique, from traditional weaving to modern textile manipulations, and in theme, from the deeply personal to the expansively abstract. The show serves as a significant contribution to the growing recognition of textile art within the realm of contemporary art forms.

"Transformação" exhibition at Loulé Criativo until 28 October, showcasing 8 textile artists

Vasco Águas

Vasco Águas, the man behind the curation, is a multifaceted artist and craftsman with roots in Lagos and Lisbon. His artistic journey was ignited early by the crafts and skills of his grandparents—his grandfather Águas, who fashioned lead sheets into sinkers for fishing, and his grandmother Cecília, who transformed her drawings into intricate embroidery.

Vasco’s aesthetic sensibilities have been further enriched by a wide range of artists and artisans, anonymous and renowned alike. He cites Sheila Hicks, Anni Albers, Ann Hamilton, and Beatriz González as some of his main inspirations, emphasizing the importance of keeping diverse crafts alive in the modern world.

As the exhibition remains open until October 28, art enthusiasts and curious visitors alike have ample opportunity to immerse themselves in this transformative experience. The showcase not only sheds light on the versatile medium of textile but also serves as an inspiration for budding artists and craftsmen.

For those interested, the “Transformação” exhibition is on display at Loulé Criativo in Loulé. It promises to be an enriching experience, demonstrating that textiles are far more than just material—they are a canvas for human emotion, creativity, and, indeed, transformation.

Don’t miss the chance to explore this deep reflection on textile art, an exhibition that truly weaves together the threads of creativity and transformation.

For more information and to view some of the artworks, visit Loulé Criativo.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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