Ukraine. PCP considers Portugal’s “submissive position” serious


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Communists consider “particularly serious” the “submission” of the government to the situation in Ukraine. PCP assumes that reality is showing that it is a confrontation of NATO against Russia.

The PCP considered this Thursday of “particular gravity” the “position of submission” of the Portuguese government before the “escalation of weapons” in Ukraine, and argued to be urgent that “the United States, NATO and the European Union cease to instigate and feed the war.

In a communiqué with the title “For peace! Put an end to the escalation of confrontation and war!”, the PCP considers that “reality is showing that being presented as a war between Russia and Ukraine, this is in fact a war of the United States of America (USA) and NATO with Russia, in the framework of the strategy of hegemonic domination of US imperialism.

According to the PCP, in this strategic framework, “Ukraine and the power installed there are used as an instrument of this dangerous warmongering action, at the cost of the Ukrainian people’s sacrifice.

“This is evident in the increase of interference, aggression, the imposition of sanctions and blockades on countries that do not submit to its dictates, which includes the escalation against Russia and the growing confrontation against China,” the communists accuse.

In this context, the PCP argues that “the Portuguese government’s submission and alignment with the escalation of weapons and the worsening of the conflict in Eastern Europe is particularly serious, contrary to the interests of the Portuguese people and the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, which advocates the peaceful resolution of international conflicts.

The party considers it “urgent that the US, NATO and the European Union (EU) cease to instigate and fuel the war in Ukraine and that ways be opened for negotiation with the other parties, namely the Russian Federation, in order to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict.

“The PCP repudiates the pressure and blackmail on countries that maintain their own position on the conflict, not going along with the warmongering escalation of the USA, NATO, and the EU, and warns that the attempt to use the United Nations Organization (UN) as a function of strategy undermines its foundations and its very existence,” argues the party.

Without naming any specific country, but at a time when China says it has a peace plan for Ukraine, the PCP says it “values the appeals, initiatives, and mediation proposals for an urgent political solution to the conflict.

At the same time, it also denounces “the maneuvers of imperialism aimed at hindering the necessary dialogue with a view to promoting peace, cooperation, security, and disarmament.”

“In the current situation, in which the aspiration for peace is unequivocally expressed throughout the world, the resistance and struggle of countries and peoples in defense of their sovereignty and rights, including the right to development, for the construction of a new international order of peace and social progress, assumes the greatest importance,” the party indicates.

The PCP stresses that it is urgent to “put an end” to the war, which ” has been going on for nine years”, and warns that “the escalation of weapons and the consequent prolongation and intensification” of the conflict entails “increased and serious consequences and dangers for the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, for the peoples of Europe and the whole world”.

“It is increasingly clear that it is the workers and the people who are paying the costs of the instigation of war, the military drift, the spiraling sanctions promoted by the US, NATO and the EU, visible in the increase in prices of basic necessities, the attack on rights and living conditions, the worsening of poverty and inequality, the deterioration of the economic and social situation,” he says.

For the PCP, “it is increasingly clear that those who gain from the war and want it to continue are the big armaments, energy, food, distribution, and banking companies, which accumulate billions in profits.

In this context, the party expresses “its solidarity for the victims of a war that has lasted for nine years” and considers “of great importance the actions for peace that have been carried out in Portugal.

“The PCP reiterates its firm commitment to the struggle for peace, for truth, against militarism, fascism and war, for a Portuguese foreign policy of national sovereignty, friendship, peace and cooperation with all the peoples of the world,” concludes the statement.

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