Viseu’s water park goes ahead or gets demolished


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The Mayor of Almargem has threatened to demolish the work that has been done on the river beach, which was supposed to be opened in 2015. The company has said that it intends to finish the entertainment equipment.

The Viseu City Council has given the owner and developer of the water park at the fluvial beach of Almargem, in Calde, until the end of 2024 to make a decision about whether or not to complete the work, which is already eight years behind schedule given that it was supposed to be launched in 2015.

During the most recent meeting of the executive committee, the announcement was made. After a discussion between the local authorities and the lawyers representing the firm, it was made abundantly apparent, as stated by the mayor, Fernando Ruas, that “the intention has always been, and is to finish the project that is properly planned and sustained.” The reality is that the work has been stalled for years, which is why the local council gave the firm a deadline. The corporation explained the delay by citing “legal proceedings” as the reason for the delay.

“We stated that the period had ended, but with the stipulation that it should continue to be open. In other words, if it comes time to check the continuation of the job, there will be a specific license for incomplete works,” Fernando Ruas, who would want to see the project come to a successful conclusion, said.

The mayor has said that the council will wait, but they will do it in a “vigilant” manner. “We have no reason to doubt what the lawyer has said, but we have already made it clear: either one thing or the other.” “We have no reason to doubt what the lawyer has said.” We will wait, but be alert in the meanwhile,” he promised.

During the same conversation with the space developer, the latter is reported to have emerged from the conversation with the belief that “everything could and should be solved by the year 2024, or even this year.”

The water attraction was intended to open in 2015 with an investment of 26 million euros, however the complex was abandoned by the original investor owing to financial issues and anomalies in the process. The attraction was supposed to open with an investment of 26 million euros.

The warning was really obvious. “It is the goal of the municipality that the process be completed, and it is the purpose of the infrastructure that it be available for use by the area. The mayor came to the conclusion that in the event that the work was not completed, the owner would be required to start dismantling it.


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