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When one thinks of traveling to Europe, Portugal is one of the first destinations that comes to mind for any self-respecting traveler. After all, this is a country that can offer a number of different experiences than the vast majority of tourist countries, as it has a great deal of history and culture spread across all aspects and places within the country.

But with so many things, places and sights available in this impressive country, it is common to find travelers completely confused and undecided about which one to choose, since one cannot see them all in a short travel period.

To make the traveler’s life easier, we have brought here in this article the main and most famous places that cannot go unnoticed during a visit to Portugal.

TOP 5 famous places in Portugal

Portugal is a country very rich in historical and cultural content overall, which is also reflected in its most famous sights. What is interesting is that each of these places present a history that can go back even to human history, taking into consideration the region in which Portugal is located and the history of influence of Portuguese people throughout history.

So, on your next trip to Portugal, you can’t miss the following places:

1. port

Porto is one of the most famous cities in Portugal and all this popularity is not for nothing, since this city can show us how all the power was at the height of the Portuguese empire. Just look at the main points of the city and all the architecture from the last century printed on the buildings of the city that can tell an interesting story about much of the growth of this region.

In addition, the city has ports that are still very close to the way they were at the time of the great explorations and can provide a real trip back in time.

2. Funchal – Madeira

Capital of the island of Madeira, Funchal is a city much visited by tourists who are looking for the unique look that the city has and that it offers to its visitors. Here we have an architecture that cannot be found in Europe, that is integrated with the mountains in which it was built and has a very interesting look to observe up close.


Besides this, the great highlight of Funchal are its gardens spread throughout the city and perfectly fitted into the topography of the city that are the main and most visited points.

3 – Évora – Alentejo

One of the most famous destinations among tourists who love to know more about history is the capital of Alentejo, Évora. This city is an important part not only for the history of all of Portugal, but also for the history of humanity, as it features several temple ruins from the Roman Empire in its heyday and some aqueducts that portray how clever and resourceful the Romans were.

Evora old town in Portugal
Evora old town in Portugal

n addition, Évora also has several churches hundreds of years old that have crypts and bones of great personalities of the Catholic Church in history, such as the Church of São Vicente de Évora.

4. Nazareth

Nazaré is a famous part of Portugal for featuring some of the biggest waves in the world during a certain time of the year, this attracts surfers from all over the world who visit its beaches in search of challenges. But, Nazaré can offer much more than that, as it is known for having a much stronger rooted Portuguese culture than in other parts of the country.

Big Waves of Nazare at Fort of Sao Miguel Arcanjo Lightouse - Nazare, Portugal
Big Waves of Nazare at Fort of Sao Miguel Arcanjo Lightouse – Nazare, Portugal

Many residents still have the same customs and practices from the 19th century, delivering a much stronger cultural charge to the place.

5. lakes

Popular among tourists for having a number of places to practice extreme sports, Lagos is a city within the District of Faro. Modalities such as trail running, surfing, diving and climbing can be found on its beaches that present a very interesting look, since most of them have large stone formations and clear blue water.

It is the perfect destination for travelers who are looking for paradise destinations and good adventure options.

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