Maia aprova traçado de nova linha do Metro do Porto entre Roberto Frias e Aeroporto


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The municipality of Maia approved, in a town hall meeting, the route for the new Porto Metro line, called Maia II line, between Roberto Frias, in Porto, and Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, was released today.

According to a statement from the municipality, the line will have “a total development, in double track, of 13 kilometers [km], and develop on the surface, in viaduct and in tunnel”.

Construction underground metro line
Construction underground metro line

The proposal was unanimously approved at a meeting of the executive on Monday.

According to the preliminary project approved, “the tunnel extension will have 2,717 meters, the surface extension 6,688 meters and the viaduct extension 3,599 meters”, making “connections with the Circular and Airport lines and at Parque Maia station with the Green Line”.

The new line was planned since the founding document of Metro do Porto and had long been demanded by the Mayor of Maia, António Silva Tiago.

“This was a project that I fought for and that Maia and the maiatos deserve”, said the mayor, quoted in the statement, which also states that the new line “will really be a reality”.

“The new line will leave Roberto Frias, will have stations at Hospital S.. João Hospital (underground), in Pedrouços (surface), Giesta (surface), São Gemil (surface / overpass), Caverneira (surface / overpass), Águas Santas (surface / overpass), Milheirós, Gueifães, Maninhos (underground), Catassol (underground), Chantre (underground), Parque Maia II (surface), Espido (surface / overpass), Ponte de Moreira (surface), Verdes II (surface) “, says the statement.

The financing methods are yet to be defined, since the expansion of Metro do Porto and other regional projects is not yet formalized, as “there are no closed agreements” with the Thematic Program for Climate Action and Sustainability – Sustainable 2030, an official source from the structure told Lusa on July 6.

“There are no closed or pre-established agreements with any entity. Applications for specific projects will be submitted after the opening of the Notices for this purpose “, replied an official source from Sustentável 2030 to questions from the Lusa agency.

According to the same source, the national program Sustainable 2030, responsible for the management of European funds in this area, is at an early stage, “not yet defined all the operations that will be supported”.

The source stressed that “it is not possible, at this moment, to realize all the operations that will be supported or the respective funds”, as well as whether there will be excluded projects.

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