Portuguese fights forest fires in Chile. “For me, it’s a war”


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Twenty-four people have died in the fires raging in the south of the country.

Byairandbyland, many workers are trying to fight the violent forest fires that, this week, are shaking the south of Chile and have already killed 24 people.

The country is receiving help from all over the world, including Portugal. In a conversation with Chilean radio Expreso Bío Bío, a Portuguese pilot with more than 10 thousand hours of flight time, 5 thousand of which fighting fires, assured that he had never seen a fire as big as the one in the south of Chile.

“For me, it’s a war, I’ve never seen something so brutal,” assured Angelo Piovani, who has been a pilot for about 30 years.

Despite the tragedy and the fact that more than a thousand houses have already burned during the fires, the Portuguese praised Chile’s firefighting device, which, in his words, should be replicated to other countries because of its effectiveness.

“It is the first time I am in Chile, I have already worked in my country, Italy, Spain, Greece, France […] and I was surprised by the firefighting device and the resources that Chile had available to fight the fire. The Chilean device is very similar to the Portuguese one,” Ângelo commented, adding that a country with a less “impressive” response would have “collapsed.”

“Chile can be proud of its firefighting device,” he said before concluding the interview.

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