A dozen mega-yachts in Madeira’s ports


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This Friday, April 12, was a busy day for mega-yachts in Madeira’s ports. Now, at the end of the afternoon, five mega-yachts are moored or at anchor in Funchal – there were five this morning – and three in Caniçal.

A dozen mega-yachts in Madeira's ports

In the Port of Funchal are the mega-yachts ‘Illusion’,berthed at pier 2, and at anchor are the ‘Infinite Jest’, ‘B5’, ‘Heeus’ and ‘Rio’. At the beginning of the evening, the ‘Maltese Falcon’ and the ‘Gladiator’ arrive and dock at Pontinha. In Caniçal are the ‘Fantasea’, ‘Galaxi’and ‘Baton Rouge’. This is the first time the port has seen three mega-yachts in one day. Tomorrow, at 1pm, the ‘Crossbow’ is expected.

A dozen mega-yachts in Madeira's ports

In total, a dozen mega-yachts will be in Madeira at nightfall, almost all of them on transatlantic voyages, the vast majority from the Caribbean, bound for Gibraltar and Palma de Mallorca.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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