Country houses next to the city: quality of life from 60 thousand euros


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With the most affordable price, we can find cottages next to the cities that are perfect for your routine.

Working in the city and living in a country house seems like a surreal dream, almost impossible to achieve. Nowadays we know how difficult it is to deal with long commutes from the rural world to urban centers, which will prove very stressful at the end of the day.

However, with some effort it is possible to live in a country house that is right next to the cities. For those who are looking for a cheaper peripheral house with excellent accessibility or who work some days remotely and others in the office, you will be able to find the best of all worlds in this type of property. You can also take the opportunity to restore a house and turn it into the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Advantages of buying country houses near cities

Living in the city is not for everyone, nor is it to everyone’s liking. The constant traffic jams, the permanent movement of pedestrians, and the honking of car horns are some problems that most people want to escape.

Still, it is in the city where you will look for leisure activities or where you need to move for professional reasons. That’s why you can live in country houses near cities with a number of advantages:

  • Quality of life: there are parts of the country where you can escape the pollution and bustle of the cities. In many of the cottages near cities and their surroundings you will be able to breathe clean air and have daily contact with nature;
  • Affordable country house prices: whether properties in good condition or in need of some work, these options on the outskirts are priced lower compared to properties in city centers;
  • Country houses with a cozy style: some houses in the city have a very common industrial style, while country houses are distinguished by their rustic, comfortable and very heterogeneous style. Plants and flowers often help in this difference;
  • More tranquil weekends: with cottages close to the cities you will experience the resting days as real vacations. You can wake up to the sound of birds and spend more time in gardens and green spaces;
  • Greater safety: with social problems increasingly common in large metropolises, village-like suburbs are safer and you can have closer contact with your neighborhood.

Aspects to consider before buying country houses near cities

More than the advantages, you should also take some time to understand what aspects are essential before buying a house in the countryside near urban centers.

You should understand how far the property is not only from your work, your children’s school, but also from essential services such as hospitals, supermarkets/grocery stores, restaurants, clinics, and pharmacies.

Cottages near cities are usually spacious homes with large outdoor spaces. However, try to understand if the dimensions correspond to your family’s needs. There’s no point in moving into a home that’s too big and needs renovation, because you’ll spend more money on renovation work.

Many of these properties located in rural areas but close to the cities have included land for cultivation. You should have a plan for this surrounding area that can be used for farming, for flower gardens, or even for creating a recreation area with a swimming pool and/or play area for children.

Cottages in good condition or in need of some renovations?

Buying a new country house means having a recent space, which does not need renovation work and, for that reason, will not waste your time or money. Still, buying a country house to renovate seems to us an equally extraordinary idea.

You can have a house with timeless style and adapt its old aesthetics to the present day. Many people decide to buy country houses near cities for the level of customization they offer. You can let your imagination run wild and have a house with a rustic style on the outside with a modern interior.

Country houses near urban centers are a good investment. In fact they have a strategic position, which makes them attractive for the construction of rural tourism spaces or any other commercial space that will capture the attention of many people.

There are several country houses near the city starting at 35,000 euros. Some are asking for a new life, others are ready to receive your family. The choice is yours. Start living a dream experience, without giving up your needs.

Find your cottage near the city


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