Gold’ visas: investment raised in the 1st semester increases 27.5% to 403ME


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The investment captured by the ‘gold’ visa program rose 27.5% in the first semester, in homologous terms, to 403 million euros, according to calculations made by PP based on statistical data from the SEF.

In the first six months of 2022, the investment attraction program amounted to 316 million euros.

In the first half of this year, 861 Investment Residence Permits (ARI) were granted, of which 475 in the second quarter (116 in April, 180 in May, and 179 in June).

As for visas for grouped relatives, 1,191 visas were granted in the semester (of which 167 in April, 208 in May and 192 in June). In January, 153 visas were granted, in February 209, and in March 262 visas were granted for grouped families.

The total investment already exceeds 7,000 million euros, amounting last month to 7,157,485,864.42 euros in cumulative terms since the program was launched in October 2012.

Golden Visa – A Golden Opportunity for Investors 2023

In this period 12,396 ARIs were assigned, of which 5,366 went to China, 1,229 to Brazil, 713 to the United States, 592 to Turkey, and 550 to South Africa.

Since the beginning of the program, 11,181 ‘gold’ visas have been granted for the purchase of real estate, totaling more than 6,337 million Euros. Of this amount, 636.5 million euros are related to the purchase for urban rehabilitation, in a total of 1,783 ‘gold’ visas granted.

In terms of capital transfer, the accumulated amount reaches 819.6 million Euros, in a total of 1,193 ARIs granted, and in more than 10 years of the program only 22 ‘gold’ visas were granted through job creation.

Cumulatively, 20,000 ‘gold’ visas have been granted to reunited family members.

On July 6, the Government’s proposal to end new residence permits for housing investment was approved.

The repealing rule of the ‘gold’ visas was one of the proposals contained in the Mais Habitação program and, with the entry into force of the new law, new requests for the granting of ARI will not be admitted, which will not affect the possibility of renewing the authorizations already granted.

Applications for the granting and renewal of a residence permit for investment activity remain valid, including those that are “pending prior control procedures in the Municipalities” on the date the law comes into effect.

Also excluded from the limitation adopted is the granting or renewal of residence permits for family reunification.

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