Houses to live alone in 2023: maximum comfort from 22 thousand euros


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Do you want to live alone? Get to know the best properties starting at 22,000 euros to make the move fearlessly in 2023.

Buying a house to live in alone can be difficult. In fact, this is a complex decision, but it means a big step in many people’s lives. Besides being aware of the advantages of living alone and even some less pleasant aspects, you should consider the most suitable properties for this way of life.

We therefore present the best houses to live alone from 22,000 euros in total comfort already starting next year.

What are the advantages of living alone?

Living alone depends on many factors. For some people it will only be a temporary decision, until they can find some stability and then start a family. For others, living alone is a permanent decision that means the beginning of a new cycle.

If you want to take this step already in 2023 there are advantages of living alone that you should know about:

  • Greater freedom: living alone means doing whatever you want (as long as you respect the neighborhood and condo rules). You can come and go as you please and also cook your favorite dishes, if you like a challenge. You can listen to music and watch movies or series whenever you feel like it.
  • Privacy: many people feel that sharing a house limits their privacy, which is ultimately gained when you live alone. There will be no constraints and you are comfortable in every room;
  • Greater independence: when you decide to live alone you can set your own schedule. You can budget for energy and telecom expenses, home decoration and repairs;
  • Decoration without limits: you can decorate every nook and cranny of the house to your liking and buy the most daring furniture.

By living alone you will have more time for yourself, with no obligation to make compromises with others. You can focus on a hobby or a new business. If you like large spaces and have financial stability, you can buy a house to live in alone and then rent a room. This is obviously an easy and safe way to profit.

Disadvantages of living alone: what you cannot forget

There are some less positive aspects of living alone. You won’t have anyone to share your private life with, and you may miss the warmth of human warmth in the property. Still, there are other points that are important to mention:

  • More limited social relationships: People who live alone are usually more introverted and end up lacking emotional support or close relationships with family and friends;
  • Doing the housework can be tiring: washing the floors, the dishes, the laundry, tidying up the rooms, and cleaning the rest of the rooms will be on you. It is important to take care of the home to preserve its value on the market;
  • Take responsibility: at the end of the month you are the person responsible for paying the bills and who goes to the supermarket every month. Think of the house as a precious asset that needs care over time.

What do I need to know to buy a house on my own?

Living alone does not happen overnight, and it is important to follow a set of steps to make the change right:

  1. Look for properties with the best valuefor money through careful research. You should also consider the best time to buy a house, taking into account interest rates and housing prices;
  2. Credit options for single people: In Portugal, financing is limited to 90%, 10% of which is the down payment. Home loans for single people will be approved when the financial stability, the bank history (i.e. when there are no debts to the Bank of Portugal) and the effort rate are verified. In some cases it will also be necessary to have a guarantor, depending on the level of risk considered by the entity. Home loans for single people also require that the person has been working for more than two years and has a permanent contract;
  3. Housing support programs: there are government supports for renting and buying housing that can be interesting for those who don’t mind waiting to get their first home and live on their own;
  4. Extra expenses: Other expenses are added related to taxes, credit commissions, renovation/repair investments, energy, decoration, and furniture.
  5. Necessary documents: civil identification documents, Title Title Search, Caderneta Predial do Imóvel, Contrato-Promessa de Compra e Venda, among others, must be gathered. Some associated technical registration data and energy certificate are also required.

Only when these points are clear to you, will you have everything you need to buy a house to live alone. It may seem like you have a lot on your plate and you may even feel unmotivated at some point in the process, so we advise you to start at the beginning: take a look at the various apartments for sale from 22,000 euros and choose your new home for 2023.

Find homes to live alone in 2023

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