Student-run residence in Porto opens in September


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The university residence in Rua da Banharia will be managed by the Academic Federation of Porto (FAP) and has 40 beds.

The university residence located in Rua da Banharia, in the historic center of Porto, managed by the Academic Federation of Porto (FAP), opens its doors in September and will provide 40 beds. The interventions in the building allowed to increase the capacity of the residence, which from 20 beds to 40.

In response to the Lusa agency, the FAP clarified that the new residence opens doors in September, after the building has undergone “several interventions” of reconversion and rehabilitation.

“Throughout the project, pathologies and anomalous situations were detected that required corrections and repairs essential for the habitability of the building, with a special focus on the building’s self-protection measures,” he said.

According to FAP, the building’s self-protection needs have already been guaranteed, and the space is “fully prepared to receive students.” “The residence has 40 beds available to students,” FAP added.

To Lusa, FAP also stressed that the contract allowed “to provide much more than a dormitory” to students, with the residence equipped with a kitchen, pantry, leisure, fitness, individual study and coworking spaces.

As for the criteria used for students from the academy of Porto to be admitted to this new space, FAP says it has signed a collaboration protocol with Higher Education institutions in Porto and that the Social Action Services and Social Support Offices are making the selection of students who, “due to their economic conditions, need accommodation to continue their studies”. “After this selection, it will be up to the FAP to monitor and manage the residence,” he added.

The Porto City Council and the Academic Federation of Porto signed, on March 24, 2022, the protocol that allowed the installation of the university residence in that space.

Three days earlier, the Porto City Council unanimously approved the transfer of that space for a period of 30 years. The building, rehabilitated by the Urban Rehabilitation Society (Porto Vivo, SRU) under the Morro da Sé program, was planned to house a social center.

Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi
Moti Shabi

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