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Jewish community certificate - Porto

Shalom. Approved.
Please note that we resumed our certification process only for applicants that have already applied to Portuguese nationality in the Portuguese Registry Office (IRN/CRC/Conservatoria) before September 1st, 2022.
In order to continue with your process, please send us:

1) A completed Personal Details form (available in this link). This form must be filled with personal data, typed on the computer, not handwritten and sent to us in Word format (.doc or .docx). Kindly ensure the accuracy of the personal information you provided on the Personal Details Form to avoid delay in the remittance of the certificate. It is crucial that the information on this form is correct since it will be used in the issuance of your certificate. A certificate with incorrect or incomplete data will not be valid. Therefore the applicant must take the greatest care in completing the form.

The Jewish Community of Oporto will digitally sign the certificate. This is a valid certified signature. The Conservatória of Portugal is fully aware of this valid certification procedure. Therefore the Administrative Department will not send the certificate by post. It sends a printable version of the certificate by e-mail to the e-mail addresses provided on the form only. Each applicant must print his/her own certificate and may then proceed with the subsequent steps of the Portuguese Nationality process. The Jewish Community of Porto will not take responsibility for the e-mails not received or automatically sent to the SPAM box by the applicant’s e-mail provider. 

2) A completed Family Tree (available in this link)- This form must be filled with your family tree data, typed on the computer, not handwritten, and sent to us in PDF format. Make sure to include the applicant’s full name in the file’s name, by substituting the “(ApplicantFullName)” area. The family tree should include the generations of ancestors known to the applicant. In some cases, this may be only two or three generations, as is likely to be the case for families expelled from ten Arab countries during the twentieth century. In other cases, many more generations may be known, for example in the case of families that immigrated to London and Amsterdam in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It must include the following information for each person mentioned: (I) date of birth, (II) date of death (III) date of marriage and (IV) place of birth. In situations where some data is unknown, even after due research, the corresponding entry should be left blank. Any family tree that is not designed according to these instructions or contains incorrect data will be rejected by the PORTUGUESE STATE. Corrections to the family tree, due to incorrect information provided by the applicant, will take at least 60 days from the date the applicant requests to the Administrative Department. Therefore the applicant must take the greatest care in completing the family tree.”

3) Please make a bank transfer to the Jewish Community of Oporto. The fee is €500,00 per applicant and all costs associated with the transfers must be borne entirely by the payer. The Community gives Tzedakah via a vast network of Jewish organisations in many countries and it promotes Jewish life and culture in the city of Oporto. The fee must be made by bank transfer to the account of the Jewish Community of Oporto. It is mandatory that you send us the SWIFT document (we only accept the SWIFT proof of payment) with the legible payer’s name and transfer date. Write please the applicant’s name in the payment details. Bank: Santander Totta, Branch: Porto, 0018 – Porto Julio Dinis, Rua Júlio Dinis, 818, 4050-322 Porto, Swift code: TOTAPTPL, IBAN: PT 50 0018 000013154515001 80, Account of the Jewish Community of Oporto: 000013154515001 80

Please only pay the fee when the other two documents are ready to be sent. We have fiscal deadlines to comply with and we will only be able to issue the invoice after you submit the three requested files (family tree, personal details form and proof of payment) together.

In order to avoid delays in our process we require that you send the proof of payment in English. If you are paying for more than one candidate together, you should also send an Excel List with the applicants’ names written exactly as in the Personal Details Forms.

To continue with your application, please send us the requested files together as attachments in reply to this email (to Files sent in another format, through another chain of emails or to another email address will not be accepted.

All other matters relating to the issue (or correction) of certificates and the accompanying family tree for approved applicants should be addressed to

In case you need your invoice, please request it to (you must send your certificate of sephardic descent attached to your request.

By determination of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community of Oporto, from now on, when the reissue of a certificate is requested due to an error attributable to the applicant (who sent the form or family tree with incorrect or incomplete data), the reissue will take at least 45 days. We are overwhelmed with work and cannot afford to waste time as a result of negligently completed forms. The efficiency of our organization depends on the collaboration of the applicants in following our procedures. When our guidelines are not obeyed, an even greater workload falls on us, making our issuing process slower and thus affecting all the applicants – who, for the most part, have government deadlines to comply with.

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